Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Blessing of the Sunrise

In a world filled with blessings from God, isn’t the sunrise among the most special? Think about it, the sunrise represents a new beginning, an opportunity to close the chapter that has preceded and enter into a new day filled with promise and potential.

Everyone takes a misstep here and there. Some of us take more missteps than we do correct ones. Everyone endures regrettable experiences, either because of one’s own misdeeds or foolish choices, or because they are in the path of calamity wrought by others, or because they are simply unfortunate. (It is a reality of the world that innocent people do sometimes suffer.)
Yet, God, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, blesses us with the sunrise. Every twenty-four hours, a new day dawns, and the regrets, unfortunate circumstances, and ills of yesterday, while not forgotten, are history. Rather, they can be made history if our perspective is what it should be.

Sometimes, many times, we are our own worst enemy. We allow our regrets, misfortunes, and mistakes to keep us down. We allow yesterday to seep into today and cloud our view of tomorrow. Some of us, many of us forget the sunrise (if we even take the time to view it!), and we allow the darkness to linger.

Now, the ramifications of yesterday do affect today, whatever our perspective. History still speaks, whether it be a day ago or a millennium. The path we have trod has led us to this moment and will influence the steps we take ahead. But, the sunrise is God’s subtle yet profound way of telling us that the opportunity for change, renewal, and a new beginning is real. While the past will always be a part of us we do not have to be captive to it. Let us master yesterday by living anew today.