Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged! . . . compliments of Trey Morgan. I have been directed to list eight random things about myself and then tag eight other bloggers. The first task should be rather simple (but certainly boring to anyone who reads my blog), but I am not even certain I know eight other bloggers (and one I do know tagged me :-)).

Here are my "8 Random Facts about Myself" . . . I'll have to keep working on the list of those I tag.

1. I live in the mountains of Colorado, but I'm a lousy skier

2. I attended kindergarten at the same school from which I (almost) graduated with a Master's degree

3. My football jersey number in high school was #74 . . . curiously, I played in exactly 74 football games while at Lubbock Christian Schools (counting junior high, junior varsity & varsity)

4. My parents, siblings, and myself all have names that start w/ "J"

5. As a freshmen in college I missed English class 26 times in one semester and still passed . . . don't ask me how

6. I have spent a little over 2 years of my life at summer camp (cumulative total)

7. Is it just me, or does eating lobster seem a lot like eating an overgrown cockroach?

8. Serano's in Chandler, Arizona makes the best enchiladas I have ever eaten