Friday, February 1, 2008

Some Things Never Change

I am on the road. I am in Jackson, Tennessee and will be spending the next week attending the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship. I will be manning a display booth adveritizing Manuelito Navajo Children's Home.

I drove through Memphis earlier today and ate lunch at one of my favorie restaurants, Corky's BBQ. I had not been there in 12 years! It was well worth the wait.

I lived in Memphis in 1996, while I was attending Harding University Graduate School of Religion. Corky's was a prmary staple of my diet in those months I spent in Memphis. I have the waistline to show for it!!!

Driving through Memphis brought back some good memories. I was only here for the Spring and Summer semesters, but I came to love Memphis. It is a unique place with a lot of charm. Driving by the HUGSR campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, today, I was impressed by how things have remained fairly constant over the past twelve years. There have been some changes on campus (my dormitory is no longer there!), but much of what I saw was as I had seen it last. And, of course, Corky's remains a great place to eat!!!

I am impressed with Jackson. I had not been here before. I am looking forward to my first visit to FHU tomorrow morning.

Pray for my efforts to advertise the Manuelito Home. We need new supporters.
I have been away from Gallup now for 11 days, trvaelling through Texas and Arkansas. I have another 15 days to go before I return home. Fortunately, I enjoy travelling and especially meeting new people and seeing new places.