Monday, January 26, 2009


  1. Trying to drive through sleet and rain with dried-out and cracked windshield wipers is not the funnest thing. Made it to Abilene, anyway.
  2. Chick-fil-A really has no peer.
  3. Read today that a number of schools, streets, and buildings have already been named in honor of President Obama. Now, I'm not chewing on sour grapes, BUT shouldn't we wait until a least the third week of the new presidency before we begin memorializing the man?
  4. Watching The Matrix on HBO. Somewhat hokier than I remember.
  5. So, the Senate has confirmed Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury. What's the lesson? I suppose if you fail to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes, the new president (and 60 senators) will deem you worthy to be the chief tax collecting officer in the federal government. I suppose that's change.
  6. Unequivocally, I miss W!
  7. Sticking with my prediction from last week: Steelers 24, Cardinals 20. The team from Glendale puts up a valiant effort, but when it comes down to it the team with pedigree wins the championship.
  8. I'm headed to Jackson/Henderson, Tenneessee and the annual Bible Lectureship at Freed-Hardeman University. At last year's visit, I ducked a F-4 tornado. Hope there's no reprise visit this year!
  9. Prediction: the love affair the national press has for President Obama will be short-lived. They're only sycophantic to the degree they are treated with respect. Obama's arrogance and obfuscations will wear thin.
  10. Ice storm in the Metroplex: I can think of no place I'd least want to be than DFW during an ice storm!
  11. I filed my Federal tax return a few days ago. I think I figured out why our government is running a deficit. I'm expecting a return of every penny withheld from my paychecks plus $600. How does that work? Instead of paying taxes, the government pays me! And, the Dems say the rich arne't paying their fair share?
  12. I like Spaghetti Warehouse.
  13. I miss Calvin& Hobbes, The Far Side and Peanuts. The comics page in newspapers is now just wasted space.