Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

I love maps. I always have. One of the favorite things I had as a child was a Rand McNally world atlas. I spent hours upon hours flipping through the pages. I studied each mach intently. I found the lists and reference materials fascinating. When other kids would spend art class drawing pictures of cars or scenes of family life, I would draw maps.

I drive a lot, and I've got a thick stack of laminated Rand McNally state maps to guide me on my way. I've often been asked, "Why don't you get a GPS locator for your car?" Until a few days ago, my standard response was, "I'm old fashioned. I like my maps." But, last week, my dad gave me his old Garmin. I used it for the first time today as I drove from Gallup to Kingman, Arizona. For much of the drive, the monotone and monotonous voice of the Garmin guide was unneeded (and slightly annoying . . . especially when I wouldn't follow "her" instructions to a tee). But, once I got to Kingman and had to find the Desert Church of Christ building, I discovered the real value of a GPS locator. My Garmin guide drove me right to the building. And, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when "she" will guide me through the streets of Las Vegas.