Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I Miss

My girls and I drove down into Palo Duro Canyon this week. Despite the ravages of the long drought in this area, and some apparent neglect to camping and picnic areas, I was reminded of how special a place Palo Duro has been to me. I have taken countless camping trips and other excursions to Palo Duro over the years, but it had been probably 8 years since I last visited.

As I reminisced about palo Duro, memories of some other "missed things" came to mind:

*Pick-up football games on Sunday afternoons at the LCU intramural field
*Jose's . . . a long-sinced closed Mexican food restaurant in Lubbock
*Gilligan's Island
*8-Track tape players . . . yes, I'm serious
*#40-Bill Bates
*My parents' old blue Ford LTD2
*Moria . . . the "original" computer gamers will know
*Late night talks/debates with Chetlen, Vernon, Tim & Jeff
*The Green Lawn Youth Center
*Size 40 jeans!
*Guy Goen's BBQ (perhaps one of the reasons I lost the size 40 jeans)
*Strat-O-Matic Baseball
*Dr. Pepper (I haven't had one in 10 years!)
*A daily view of Hesperus Peak
*Hot Dog (my favorite pet growing up . . . a Dachshund)
*The JOY Bus
*Singing in the old chapel at Camp Blue Haven
*Sardines in the Green Lawn building
*Coach Bruce Dean's 7th grade Bible class
*Quartz Mountain Christian Camp
*Double-board Monoply with Risk in the middle
*York College's Soul Concern
*Washing pots and pans at Camp Blue Haven
*The desk I had at Hollis
*Rosa's (okay, I was there on Wednesday, but that was 2 days ago!)