Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Prep

My blogging activity has been reduced to a trickle over the past couple of weeks, hopefully I can resume a steady stream before too long, but . . . my favorite activity of the year has arrived . . . CAMP! The session I direct at Four Corners Encampment begins on Sunday.

I am excited, but also somewhat apprehensive about camp. I am excited because (A) I always get excited about camp, and (B) my session should a little larger than in past years, because we have combined our first two sessions into one week (so, I will have campers, ages 9 through 14 . . . my favorite age range for camp). I am apprehensive because (A) my work and travels for the Manuelito Home have left me little time to prepare for Camp, and (B) I am not certain who all will make up my staff (but, this concern is there every year, because FCE is fairly remote and the pool to draw a staff from is limited). Concerns aside, though, I am eagerly awaiting Sunday and have no doubts that a great week will unfold.