Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Change of Jerseys

So, its a new shade of green for Brett Favre? This will certainly take some getting used to. But, as a Cowboys fanatic, I can't sy I'm torn up by all the angst this soap opera has caused the folks in Green Bay.

I did have a thought today, however. What if . . . a few months after announcing his retirement (way back in 1980), Roger Staubach changed his mind and came back as quarerback of the Kansas City Chiefs? So, in some small way, I can understand the feelings of the fans up north.

This "trade" of Favre reminds me of the drama in San Francisco a few years ago, when Joe Montana ended up as a Chief. The team management in both instances seemed to decide that their star, future Hall of Fame QB was well-passed their prime and that it was time for the "next generation." One important difference, however, Aaron Rodgers is no Steve Young.

Just a question: what happens when the Packers open the season 0 and 3?

Are you ready for some football? I am! Lombardi is headed back to Big D!!!