Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Vote for Swing Vote

Some more movie reviews:

Step Brothers - F! I do not know what possessed me to watch this movie. Considering the cast of characters, I should have known better. What troubled me even more than the vulgarity and filth projected on screen was the demographic makeup of the audience that watched with me in the theater in Abilene, Texas. Besides myself, there were probably 4 or 5 other people over the age of 20. Everyone else (at least 50 others) were much younger; most in high school.

X-Files - B+. The ending seemed hurried and needed some more development, but the movie reminded me how much I liked the TV series. This was a solid movie. Hopefully, there will be more Mulder and Scully tales to be told on the big screen.

Swing Vote - A+. The best "political" movie I've seen (with the exception of perhaps "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but that was a long time ago). This movie makes a great point about the powerful right and responsibility we have to vote and offers some great commentary on the electoral process (and the abuses that dishearten so many of us), without pandering to the right or left and without demonizing those who commit themselves to running for office. Both candidates are put forward as basically decent and moral men who (deep down) care about their country. The movie does cast political advisers as a somewhat sorry lot, however.

Every voter needs to see Swing Vote. There is a lot of offensive language, though, but a great line by Molly (the daughter of Kevin Costner's character) offers a great comeback!