Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Dozen Oddities About Me

1. I actually like these Facebook character profiles. Perhaps that says something about my exciting life!

2. I spend 2-3 full days each week in my car (usually alone) travelling to various places around the country, and I actually usually enjoy that time. Except, of course, that stretch of highway from Santa Rosa to Clovis, New Mexico. But, Leal's makes that jaunt worthwhile!

3. I've purchased over a 100 books in the past 6 months, but I've read 4. I suppose this suggests a lack of self-discipline in two respects.

4. I drink iced tea, and usually only iced tea during the course of each day. Never sweetened. Never through a straw (unless I'm in my car driving 70mph).

5. I don't like to swim, never have, but I love being by the water, whether it be ocean, lake, river, or creek.

6. I remain a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

7. I can get past the steroids, the thing that upsets me most about Clemens, Bonds, A-Rod, et.al. is the pathetic attitude and condescension shown by the guilty.

8. I'm a person of strong beliefs and preferences, but I believe compromise is often a wise course of action and a key to success.

9. I think faithfulness is much more about sincerity and attitude and compassion than it is about crossing off a checklist. And, I am beyond tired of the sectarian, bunker-mentality so many in my tradition of faith have espoused. I'm not sure that makes me odd (at least, I hope it doesn't), but I've born my share of criticism for believing it.

10. In the same vein . . . I spent over 15 years pursuing degrees in theology (at great personal debt), but have learned more about theology working with those in the cotton fields of SW Oklahoma and bean fields of SW Colorado than I ever did in a stuffy classroom or library. Again, not necessarily odd, but I am bewildered why so many churches are more interested in the degrees than they are in genuineness and character (and the same with preachers!).

11. On a lighter note . . . I'll spend a week at a Christian camp instead of a week on some beach in Hawaii any day.

12. I have over 440 friends in Facebook, and thousands more who are FB-uninitiates, many of whom I have known for 20 years, 30 years, and even close to 40 years! . . . and I still genuinely like most of you :-). Seriously, I love each of you; God has blessed me richly with countless friends . . . no, brothers and sisters. The real oddity, it seems . . . I don't understand why so many shun the richness of fellowship that comes from a church family. I just hope that is NOT because of the ugly way we treat each other sometimes.