Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Prayer to the God Who Sees

Father God, help me to see as you see, or at the very least to realize and be comforted by the fact that you see all when my vision is often very limited. My perspective is often quite small, Father. My sight is obstructed by time and place, by the limitations of my physical presence, by my intellect and understanding (which are both quite human and not omniscient like you), by my prejudices and hangups, by my sin and stubbornness, and by the sin and deception of others. But, you, Father, can see past through all of these things to see the Big Picture. Thus, I must trust you and depend upon you . . . to accept the guidance you give. I get so impatient. I want a resolution now to the trials I experience. But, you are the one who sees, and I will trust in you to see me through.

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Anonymous said...

our gracious Heavenly Father knew this was just what I needed..a reminder that he "sees" the Big Picture...thank you Jeff,for the sweet reminder, the encouragement this has brought...for reasons I will reveal to you sometime soon. "He" knows all about our concerns....Arlene