Thursday, July 15, 2010

What You Can't Control

I do not know who wrote this poem. It is short, but it says so much!

You can’t control
The length of your life,
But you can control
Its width and depth.

You can’t control
The contour of your face,
But you can control
Its expression.

You can’t control
The weather,
But you can control
The atmosphere of your mind.

Why worry
About things you can’t control,
When you can keep yourself busy
Controlling the things
That depend on you?

Church Rock, south of Moab, Utah, with La Sal Mountains in background.


Annie said...

WOW!!! I really needed to read this today. Thanks for posting it!

Hendon Harris said...

What If? What if that feature on
the lower right hand side of this picture of Church Rock was not a simple stone outcropping but was an idol carved on a Buddhist stupa by Buddhists from India in the 5th century AD? What if that plaster looking like material at the top of the main body of Church Rock was actually all that now remains of the material that at one time covered it all? What if the next level up were scultured faces? Would anyone believe it or ever accept it? Hwui Shan and four other Buddhist/Hindu monks made a recorded expedition to a beautiful land called Fu Sang in 458 AD. Was Fu Sang what we know of today as North America? What if?