Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp In Review

Broke camp on Friday afternoon. Wow! The week went by fast!

This was somewhere in the neighborhood of my 115th session of camp attended as a camper, counselor, teacher, or director. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I look forward to camp all year round, and my fervor for camp hasn't diminished after this latest installment. I am noticing, however, that my 38 years of age makes it a little tougher to keep the late nights and early morning and nearly non-stop action of a week at camp. There was a time in my life where I spent 10 straight weeks of camp each summer at Camp Blue Haven. After this past week, I'm fairly certain I'm not cut out for that anymore, but I did survive this latest session fairly intact. Of course, a weekend of catching up on some sleep has helped :-).

As I have directed camps at Four Corners Encampment for the past four summers, I have been blessed with some terrific staff members. I have had to rely increasingly on older teenagers and college students to fill my ranks of cabin leaders (counselors), but I am always left quite impressed with the caliber of young men and women who come to serve in these capacities. My deep appreciation goes out to Lindsey, Anna, Nathan, Charley, Jordan, Will, and, of course, to the "adults" who helped out, as well, including Lacy, Tyson, Bill and Jackie, and Francie. Nathan and Lindsey have been with me for each of the four summers I have directed camps at FCE; I can't imagine doing camp without them. Oh, and the cooking at camp was again superb . . . thanks to Jack and Janelle and crew. Not every camp has a bonafied Professional Chef as camp cook, but FCE is blessed!

The campers were terrific, as always. This session was special for me, because my eldest daughter, Elizabeth, was a camper for the first time. Boy, am I getting old!!! And, two campers have now attended all four summers with me at FCE, Jared and Rhea . . . next summer, both will be able to serve on staff . . . how neat.

I will be posting pictures soon . . . here and on the camp website. But, for now, it's some sleep and a trip to Arlington, Texas tomorrow. I will be attending the Global Missions Conference and presenting the Manuelito Navajo Children's Home display. My girls and I also plan on some fun at Six Flags and the Ft. Worth Zoo.