Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Which Way Is North?

I am spending a few days in Abilene, Texas. I love this city, but despite the dozens upon dozens of visits I have made here over the years I become totally disoriented every time I drive through town. The layout of Abilene confuses me, much more than any other place I have been. I'm not certain why that is, Abilene is a small city, and I easily navigate my way around large cities like Phoenix, Houston, and L.A.


Will you be near Clarendon, Texas this weekend? If so, make plans to drop by the American Indian Missions Conference being hosted by the Clarendon Church of Christ. It begins on Friday evening and will continue all day on Saturday.


During the evenings this week, I have been catching up on some of the new movies in theaters. Here's my report card.

Hancock - D (with a curve . . . I like Will Smith, but this movie was awful)

Incredible Hulk - C (great beginning, weak ending . . . the Iron Man tie-in needed some work)

Get Smart - B (I was pleasantly surprised . . . I'll see the sequel)

Dark Knight - A+ (just don't bring the kids)