Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Move

In less than a month from now I will be making another move. I'm moving back to Lubbock, Texas. I will continue my public relations and development work for Manuelito Navajo Children's Home, but will be living in Lubbock. The MNCH board has been gracious to allow me this living arrangement, a situation that will benefit both the Home and myself.

Of first benefit: I will be much closer to my three beautiful daughters (30 miles as opposed to 470). The past two years of being so far apart from them has been difficult. The choice to be separated by such a large distance was neither mine nor theirs, and we have tried to make the best of it, but I need to be closer to them, and the mechanics for this have now become possible.

Of second benefit: my travel for MNCH will be made much easier and cost-effective. Gallup, New Mexico, where MNCH is based is a rather isolated place, especially in relation to the churches that provide our primary basis for support. Most of my travel for the Home takes me east into Texas and other states, places where Churches of Christ are strongest and most numerous. From Lubbock, trips to speak to churches about MNCH can be made into day trips and weekend excursions, whereas now, from Gallup, they are often 2-3 week journeys.

So, it seems, this new arrangement will be a best of both worlds for myself and MNCH. Although, I absolutely love living in Gallup and being apart of the daily life here at MNCH and with the Gallup Church of Christ. I will be returning fairly often (once a month, or so), but those visits will not be the same as living here. However, one of the lessons I've learned in life is that life is filled with transitions and changes. Nothing ever really remains the same.

I'm still looking for an apartment or small house/duplex to rent in Lubbock. I'm looking for something that is rather modest with enough space to accommodate myself and my daughters . . . and enough space for my books! I am a recovering preacher, after all, and my library is one of the few precious possessions I have. I'll also be working from home, so I need to accommodate an office.

And, now, I begin the work of packing up my house here in Gallup. I've done this many times in my life, too many times. Anybody want to help? :-)