Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Streak Ends at 32

32 summers! For the past 32 summers I spent at least one week at a Christian youth camp. During many of those summers it was several weeks spent at camp. This summer, the streak has come to an end.

Last September, I decided that I needed a break from summer camp, a sabbatical of sorts. I wasn't burned out on camping, I just needed to recharge my batteries a bit. So, I resigned as one of the directors at Four Corners Encampment in Colorado and decided that the summer of 2009 would be camp free.

I've done o-kay with the decision up until this week. This is the week I'm usually cramming to get everything ready for my camp session on the Dolores River . . . they'll start on Sunday without me. I imagine that by Wednesday, when I am sitting in the 100+ degree heat in Lubbock, Texas, I will be missing the cool Rocky Mountain air something terrible . . . and, more than that, all of the fun of camp.

Christian summer camping has been such a large and important part of my life. I still remember the day I showed up at Boiling Springs Youth Camp near Woodward, Oklahoma as a 7-year old first-time camper. My grandparents were counselors and teachers at that camp and for 5 summers it was the highlight of my year. BSYC began my love affair with everything "camp" . . . a passion that would grow as I spent time at Camp Blue Haven, Black Mesa Bible Camp, White River Youth Camp, Camp Followin', Pine Springs Youth Camp, Christian Camp of the Rockies, Quartz Mountain Christian Camp, and Four Corners Encampment.

I'm already planning on starting a new camping streak in 2010. Anybody need a camp teacher, counselor . . . potwasher??? I come cheap.