Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cultivate God's Precious Gift

Loneliness . . . the word is one of the most frightening that I know. Imagine living your life apart from others. Imagine having no contact with anyone. Imagine total isolation. The picture is bleak and dreary, isn't it?

Friendship . . . the word is one of the most comforting that I know. Imagine living your life surrounded by a caring family. Imagine togetherness. Imagine a life filled with meaningful friendships. The picture is pleasing and encouraging, isn't it?

A part of human nature is the desire for companionship. We want, and must, be with others. God made us to be communal creatures. Do you remember the scene in the garden? "It is not good that the man should be alone," declared God. God's solution: he made Eve. God provided for the need of man, he provided companionship. It was God's first gift to man!

The world places a premium on wealth and power to the neglect of cultivating relationships. However, a truly successful person is the one who values relationships and friendships. the statement has been made that if a man is unable to love his fellow man, one is unable to love God.

Take time to cultivate relationships in your life.