Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinner with the 43rd President

What an evening! I was among the 1,000 friends of Lubbock Christian University who had dinner with President George W. Bush last night. It was great to see so many loyal supporters of L.C.U. and to see so many people who appreciate the presidency of a man who remained firm in his convictions and in his love for country and God during his eight years in office.

My prediction: 50 years from now, historians will look back at the presidency of George W. Bush and rate him as one of the best presidents in modern American history. I hope this esteem comes sooner, but history is only seen clearly from the perspective of distance.

Bush is a good and decent man, and a man of strong faith. His character was on full display last night, and even this enthusiastic supporter of his came away deeply impressed by his humility, engaging personality, intelligence, and humor. His love for country is obvious, and when one hears him unfiltered, it is so clear that his motives and intent as he led this country were pure and selfless. He was not after power, but sought to serve this country for a time and then return quietly to private life. His love of freedom and his desire for all peoples of the world to enjoy freedom is grounded in sincerity and served as the driving force of his diplomatic agenda. And, that is the greatest calling of an American President.

Bush is a man of faith. I was moved greatly by his discussion of faith and spirituality and his commitment to prayer. His policies can be questioned, and I was disappointed by some of the decisions he made during his presidency, but our nation now sorely misses a man of prayer in the Oval Office.