Friday, September 25, 2009

The Testimony of the Wasp

I was surprised one day to discover approximately 50 wasps flying around in my back yard. I have never been a big fan of wasps and my immediate reaction was to go to the garage and get a can of raid Wasp & Hornet spray. For the next 10 minutes I pitched a furious battle, desperately trying to kill as many wasps as possible. However, much to my dismay my attack was having little affect. The wasps seemed to be multiplying and appeared to be getting angry at my offensive against them. My only response was to retreat into the safety of my home.

I began to inquire about how to get rid of my uninvited guests. No productive solutions were offered, but an interesting explanation of the wasps' behavior was given to me. I was told that the wasps were searching for a warm place in which they might hibernate for the winter. This explanation intrigued me. These wasps, among the smallest and simplest of creatures, had the innate sense to know that winter was coming. By instinct the wasps knew to begin searching for shelter from the harshness of winter.

Many in our world claim that the universe, and the life contained therein, became through a random course of events. In my opinion the simplicity of the intuitive wasp offers protest to this view. The wasp appears to me to be a witness to creative design. A Creator, full of wisdom and insight, was needed to create a creature so simple, yet so complex.

The testimony of the wasp is not alone. Consider the ant that is able to build elaborate underground fortresses, the salmon that is able to swim hundreds of miles downstream from its home only to return to the spot with precision, the German Shepherd that grows in its affection for a human master. Consider the testimony of all that surrounds you each day.