Friday, February 26, 2010

I Miss This Place!

I have a lot of favorite places that I have visited in my lifetime. One of those special places is represented by the photographs above. The first pic is a photo of the old barn that stands in Eloy's Meadow, the second image is a view of Hermit's Peak. Both are "landmarks" that any Camp Blue Haven alumnus would know well.

Camp Blue Haven was my home away from home during the summers of 1986, 1987, and 1988. During these summers I worked at Blue Haven as a pot washer. For 10 weeks during each of these summers I had the time of my life. I washed lots and lots of pots and mopped lots and lots of floors, but I made many lifelong friends, and have countless special memories of campfires, hiking trips, volleyball games, practical jokes, zip lines, Hobo meals, talent shows, singing nights, pretty girls! and so much more.

The past 20 years haven't given me much time to get back to Camp Blue Haven. I do drop by every so often, usually only to drive through the campus, but my love for the place is still as warm as it was on that day in June 1986 that I first arrived there. My goal for years has been to return as a teacher during one of the sessions, and hopefully at some point that dream can be realized.
And, yes, that's me! A long, long time ago!

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