Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Questions

Some questions are filling my mind today.

Will the skies stay clear for our trek back to New Mexico on Sunday? And, will I enjoy more snowfall during my two weeks back in Gallup?

Facebook now claims 400,000,000 distinct and active users. Can it be true that approximately 1 out of 18 people on the planet is a Facebook user? Short of religion, has there ever been such a large percentage of the world's populace engaged in a similar activity?

What happens when policies and procedures are made to take precedence over people. Some efficiencies may be gained, and perhaps some profit realized, but at what expense? The loss of morale? The loss of genuineness? The loss of soul? What is gained that outweighs these?

Why does a $50 a night hotel offer a scrumptious breakfast buffet while a $100 per night outfit charge another $10 for a bagel and coffee (oh, and a banana for added comfort)?

Am I gonna make it to Taco Villa tomorrow? I MUST have my Villa fix before returning to Dinetah on Sunday. Fortunately, Rosa's is already on the itinerary. But, I must carve out a time for the next best thing in fast-casual Mexican food!

How can a boss lead and inspire a staff when he sits behind a wall and orders his staff by memo?

Why has God blessed me so richly when I have so often strayed from the course that brings honor to Him?

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