Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful World

I began the week (Sunday) in Chandler, Arizona. As this day ends (Tuesday), I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I've driven over 1,300 miles in the past three days . . . across four states . . . Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. I have seen so many beautiful sights in those long miles . . . the Sonoran Desert and Dragoon/Dos Cabezas mountain ranges in SE Arizona, the mountains and desert of SW New Mexico, the Rio Grande valley around Las Cruces and the White Sands, the Sacramento Mountains and Cloudcroft, New Mexico, the vast plains of eastern New Mexico, the cotton fields of the Texas Panhandle, the Caprock and hill country of the eastern Panhandle, the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma, and the rolling hills of central Oklahoma. I've crossed the Rio Grande, the Red River, the Canadian River, and the Arkansas River. What a beautiful world God has made . . . and he has given it to us to enjoy, to call home, to care for and be a part of. How aweome is our God!