Friday, March 21, 2008

Payson, Arizona

I visited a place new to me today . . . Payson, Arizona. Beautiful.

The comment is not reserved for the town, per se, although in my quick drive through the town limits, I was impressed. My evaluation is primarily focused on the drive into and out of town. For the first time in my life, I travelled the route south from Holbrook, Arizona to Chandler(Phoenix), Arizona, through Payson. What a beautiful drive . . . especially the vicinity around Payson. In the space of about 50 miles you descend from snow-covered Ponderosa forests to the lowlands of the Sonoran desert.

I will definately be making this trip again. Hopefully, I will not be in as much a hurry as I was this morning. I would like to spend some meaningful time in and around Payson.

(I owe credit for the photo to some anonymous source on the Internet. I had my camera this morning, but did not have time to stop and take photos . . . next time!).