Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top 11 Quarterbacks

In recognition of Brett Favre's retirement, I'll join with the countless others and offer my list of the greatest QB's in NFL history. I refuse to list those QB's who are still in the midst of their careers, but I am certain that in time Manning, Brady, and Romo (yes, that's right) will cause me to reorder my list.

1. Johnny Unitas (he defined the modern QB)

2. Joe Montana (2 minutes left, down by 6, who else would you want behind center?)

3. Otto Graham (no one has approached his champonship run; no one ever will)

4. John Elway (best combination of skills ever)

5. Terry Bradshaw (he does have 4 rings)

6. Roger Staubach (I know, I can't believe I put him behind Bradshaw, but 4 rings outshine 2)

7. Troy Aikman (and, no, Cowboy bias is not in play; this is an objective list)

8. Dan Fouts (often overlooked; perhaps best pure passer ever)

9. Brett Favre (has all the records, but only 1 ring)

10. Dan Marino (his hands are absent the jewelry)

11. Sid Luckman (a Cowboy recognizing a Redskin? is the world coming to an end?)

Most over-rated QB: Broadway Joe Namath.

Most under-rated: Danny White (and, no, its not because I'm a Cowboy fan) & Joe Theisman (and that is certainly not because I'm a Cowboy fan)

Most un-realized potential: Randall Cunningham (meteoric start; forgettable finish)

Who's on your list?