Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great Winners

Another Tiger win. Another emphatic declaration that he is the greatest champion in sports history. Has there ever been an athlete with a greater competitive drive?

Here's my list of great champions in sports history.

1. Tiger Woods (he will only continue to make the point)

t2. Bill Russell (Mr. Championship)

t2. John Wooden (brilliant coach . . . a giant of a man in a rather diminuitive frame)

4. Otto Graham (7 NFL championships in 10 seasons . . . why isn't he mentioned in the same breath as Montana?)

5. Joe DiMaggio (the greatest Yankees' captain)

t6. Pete Sampras (if could have only added the French!)

t6. Roger Federer (he will eclipse Sampras . . . unless he runs out of gas!)

8. Jeff Gordon (okay, okay . . . "sports" champion may be a stretch :-))

9. Jack Nicklaus (Tiger still trails the Golden Bear in the numbers race)

10. Pat Summit (a nod to Title IX)