Friday, May 23, 2008

A Faithful Companion . . . Misplaced

I have misplaced my favorite Bible. It is somewhere between here (Lubbock, Texas) and Durango, Colorado (where I began my week). I have been using a couple of Bibles since my departure from Durango, so I'm not exactly sure of where I left my NRSV. I have used that Bible all through my preaching career. Indeed it dates back to when I was a College Minister 15+years ago. It is a bit worn. It certainly shows its age. But, I love that Bible. I discovered it missing today. I had been using my other Bible, a NIV/NASB parallel, and just assumed I had my trusty NRSV in the car. But, when I went to get it today, it was nowhere to be found. I've been whacking my brain ever since trying to remember when and where I last used it. But, I have been to so many places in the past several days . . . through four different states . . . and over a 1,000 miles of travelling . . . in and out of no less than a dozen church buildings . . four different church buildings . . . and at least two city parks.

I have a large collection of Bibles . . . probably a hundred or so, but that NRSV has always been my favorite. At times over the years I have laid it aside and used other Bibles for my study, preaching, and touching, but within a few weeks, I've always come back to that Bible. I love its feel in my hands. I've memorized all the creases, all the cracks in the leather. You can see from the smudges and crinkles on some pages, where some of my most visited passages are located. I love the typesetting and font the publishers employed. I love the NRSV for its clarity, superb translation, and ease of reading. I can purchase another one; in fact, I visited Mardel's today to look for another one. But, that Bible can never be replaced. I preached my first sermon as an employed preacher out of that Bible, and I had always fancied the idea of preaching my last sermon out of it.

Maybe some kindhearted person will find my Bible and try to contact me. Unfortunately, I believe only my name appears in it and not my address or phone number. Although, it does have a copy of the Manuelito Navajo Children's Home bulletin inserted inside the front cover and my contact information is printed on that.

Do you have a favorite Bible? What has made it special to you, other the obvious answer of it being the living and active word of God?