Thursday, May 1, 2008

At the Reagan Library

I visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library today. What a facility. It certainly honors the legacy of the greatest American President of the 20th Century. I was not able to spend much time there, but in my short visit I was reminded of the many good things for which this man stood and the great blessing he was to our country.

As I stood before the fragment from the Berlin Wall that stands as a memorial to Reagan's tireless efforts to bring down the tyranny of communism, I was struck by one of the great truths of the United States of America: we, when we are at our best, are fighters for liberty. Can you name another nation in the history of mankind that has fought as fervently for the freedom of others. Consider the long list of nations and peoples that have been liberated from tyranny by Americans, a list that most recently includes Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let us never forget: American is a force for good in this world.