Thursday, May 22, 2008

In the News

On a good note . . . congratulations to the Lubbock Christian University Lady Chaps softball team. They are the newly crowned National Champions in N.A.I.A. Softball. It was L.C.U.'s first season to field a team, and they are national champions! How cool! And, Shannon Hays, son of Larry Hays, is the coach. Larry won a national championship as coach of the L.C.U. men's baseball team 25 years ago, and now his son has won a championship for L.C.U. Again, how cool that is!


On a frustrating note . . . Congress has called up Big Oil execs to grill them on high fuel prices. In as low class a move as I've seen in awhile, Senator "Leaky" Leahy interrogated these gentlemen, demanding to know their personal salaries, trying to make the accusation that their salaries have, in part, caused the prices we're paying at the pump. Of course, the senator from Vermont conveniently overlooks the facts that that Congress has stood in the way of building new refineries for the past 30 years and has forbidden the extraction of oil from ANWR and off our coasts, and stands in the way of exploration in the Dakotas and Rocky Mountains and other places, where potential finds in excess of 15 trillion barrels of oil awaits!!! Tell me, what affects fuel prices more: an executive's salary, or the restrictions placed on the industry by the Federal government?

By the way, perhaps Leahy (and his Dem. colleagues) can explain who is more productive to society: the chairman of Exxon/Mobil who makes about $12 million a year and heads the largest corporation in the world (whose stock, by the way, under girds the investments and retirement funds of thousands upon thousands of people), or Madonna, who made in excess of $30 million last year by wiggling her body in front of thousands of delirious (and perhaps stoned out) concert goers? One is demagogued, while the other is made into an "idol" of entertainment. Where's the logic?

That's enough of my pontificating! Except for this thought . . . what will Leahy and his cronies pull in this year (beyond their "salary" from the Fed. government)?