Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Christian Camping Is a Passion

When I was in school, the month of May was always a welcome sight. It signaled that the school year was nearly completed, and a few months of freedom loomed on the horizon. With summer vacation came the week (in many cases, weeks) I looked forward to all year long: camp.

Christian camping has been a passion for most of my life. As a small child, I can remember visiting Boiling Springs Youth Camp, located outside of Woodward, Oklahoma. My parents had taken me to visit my grandparents, who were serving as Bible class teachers and counselors at the camp. I came to a conclusion during that short visit: I wanted to come back the next summer . . . as a camper.

I did return that following summer, and for five other summers after it. In the years to come, I attended summer sessions at White River Youth Camp, south of Crosbyton, and Black Mesa Bible Camp, located in the panhandle of Oklahoma. Then, as a high school student, I began to spend my summers serving a number of camps as a staff member. I did everything from washing pots at Camp Blue Haven, to counseling at Camp Followin’, to teaching Bible classes at Pine Springs Youth Camp. The wages I earned were never great (and, in many cases, I spent much more than I was paid), but the blessings I received were beyond measure.

In the past several years, I have been privileged to direct summer sessions at Camp Followin’, Christian Camp of the Rockies, Quartz Mountain Christian Camp, and Four Corners Encampment. My love for Christian camping is as strong today (no, stronger) than it was when I paid that visit to BSYC long ago.

Did you know, there are more hours of Bible study and worship during a week of summer camp than many people enjoy during the remainder of the year at home? Did you know, the number of genuine and lifelong friendships founded during a week of summer camp can far surpass those founded during the rest of the year?

Time spent at a summer session of Christian camping is time well spent. Yes, at times, you have to fend off wasps, scorpions, snakes, and other unwanted pests. And, you must endure lumpy beds, lukewarm showers (if not downright frigid), and the hot sun. A week at a Christian camp is certainly not Club Med. But, the blessings of friendships, memories, spiritual growth, and wholesome activities far outweigh the less-than-5-star accommodations.

Christian camping is for all ages. Become involved with Christian camping: as a camper, a staff member, or a financial supporter (send a child to camp!). Ask me how you can get involved . . . today!