Friday, May 25, 2007

Golf Is a Lot Like Life

Golf is a lot like life. It is played out in the midst of beautiful landscaping and wonderful vistas, but it is filled with anxious and trying moments. The key to the game is to avoid the imposing obstacles and successfully navigate the ball to the hole. Each shot is filled with uncertainty: will the ball sail straight and true, or will it fly to the right or the left (or, in the case of many of my shots, will it leave the tee and “dribble” to the rough).

The keys to golf are practice and persistence. Those who keep at it learn to control the trajectory of their shots, and become more adept at clearing the obstacles and navigating the ball toward the pin. There are still uncertainties—even Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods do not have complete mastery over all the elements found on a golf course—but they become easier to overcome, and their effects are not as difficult. A good golfer does not become dismayed at a bad shot, he simply seeks to recover on the next one.

The keys to life are much the same as golf. The old adage is nearly correct: Practice makes perfect. Perfection isn’t attainable, but wise and productive living is. We can learn from our mistakes. As we stay the course, our confidence grows and our ability to deal with trying times increases.