Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Time to Clean Out the Closet!

Every family has one: a closet or storage bin packed full of unused things, forgotten possessions, and, for lack of a better word, junk. Through the years, we collect a lot of things. For a time, they catch our interest and we employ them for this and that, but after a while we render that their usefulness has expired and we pack them away. Usually, these discarded items remain forgotten, except for the ever-growing amount of space required for their storage.

As a whole, people do not get rid of things, even things that are rendered useless. We like to hold on to the past, cling to the memories, and keep our collections intact. This is also true in a spiritual sense. Over the course of life, we acquire countless behaviors and attitudes. Some are productive and they contribute to the building of a Godly personality and lifestyle, but others work to chink away at our spiritual integrity, tearing us down as people.

The damage is often done in secret, or without our full understanding, for we are disillusioned by their promising allure. We may become alarmed at the wear and tear certain behaviors and attitudes bring, but we find it difficult to leave them behind. We pack them away, thinking that we have discarded them for good, but they remain closeted in some nearby space.

This is one of the most dangerous aspects of sin. Sin will stay near us unless we make a conscious and determined choice to rid ourselves of it. It is not as simple as tucking it away in some corner. To rid ourselves of sin, we must constantly work to destroy those destructive impulses we have. The battle is one that demands our undivided attention.

Remember this analogy the next time you walk past that over-flowing closet. Be challenged to forever rid yourself of those behaviors and attitudes that work to chink away at your spiritual integrity.