Monday, May 21, 2007

Parents, are you up to the task?

Parents, would you allow a rabid dog to roam freely in your house?

No! Of course not! The notion of releasing a rabid dog into your house is totally absurd and insane. However, a more dangerous foe is allowed to lurk unrestrained in homes across America every day. That foe: the mass-media of a post-modern society. Television and movies, radio and CD’s, the Internet and Pod-casting, the printed media and video-gaming threatens our kids and ourselves with a viciousness that makes the bite of a rabid dog seem tame.

It has been said that television is the greatest education tool ever created. Unfortunately, its influence has become increasingly immoral. Daily, we and our children are exposed to the entirety of Sodom’s portfolio, and more. Images of violence, deviant sexuality, profanity, greed, and irreverence are flashed before our eyes countless times each day. These images are amplified in the lyrics of the music we hear. The phrases of corruption are heard amidst a melodic backdrop of pleasant and stimulating sounds. And, the Internet offers users relatively unfettered access to virtually any type of information, whether wholesome or immoral in content.

Parent’s we must be aware of this dangerous would in which we are raising our children. The threats are constant and vicious. It is our task, not simply to monitor the exposure and influence of mass-media on our kids, but to teach our kids how to cope and survive in a world inundated with the presence of evil. Our primary task is to equip our kids with the resources to distinguish good from bad, positive from destructive, and to prepare them to battle temptation, relying not on their own limited strength, but depending on the unlimited ability of Jesus Christ.

Parents, are you up to the task?