Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Items In the News

Perusing through the news and events of the day . . .

1. All the talk around the beaches of southern California has been about the fatal shark attack last Friday. A swimmer was killed by the bite of a Great White Shark off Solana Beach near Carlsbad, California. Certainly a great tragedy and a cause for concern. But, I found this tidbit of trivia interesting: the USA Today reported that , "in 1995 there were 95 incidents of squirrels biting humans in New York City, compared with 13 shark injuries reported in the USA" during the same year.

2. Hillary Clinton tells Bill O'Reilly that she'd propose suspending the Federal tax on gasoline this summer, but then "pay for it" by charging the oil companies a Windfall profits tax of 20%. Oh, and of course, the oil companies would never pass this along to the consumer! What a novel concept: taxation to lower the price for the consumer. How inane! Sadly, half of the voters in the country fall for this foolishness. Can we survive a 4-year presidency with this woman? I don't want to find out!!!

3. Avery Johnson was fired as Mavericks coach. Too bad, I like Avery Johnson. He is a good man. He is a spiritual man. I'm not a Maverick fan, but I have been an Avery Johnson fan since his playing days in San Antonio. Here's hoping that he will land a spot on another team.