Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Four Dark Years

I try to remain optimistic, but I am afraid that we are about to enter four dark years. I will vote for John McCain, but I am not an eager supporter. He is certainly no second-coming of Ronald Reagan, or even another Teddy Roosevelt (his "hero"). He is more like a Gerald Ford redux. I love Sarah Palin, but who exactly does McCain inspire? His ONLY conservative issue is the war on terror, but even there he cannot clearly and forcefully articulate his vision and the great threat against us. And, on the great financial issues of the day, he is treading water.

Can we survive four years of an Obama-Pelosi junta? I'm worried that we're about to find out. Our nation survived LBJ, Carter, and Clinton, but the threats there were mild compared to the danger of Obama-Pelosi.

Let me be one of the first to say, Gingrich/Palin 2012!!! Too bad a successful write-in campaign for 2008 is beyond the realm of possibility.