Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leaving the Land of Rosa's

Go west, young man!

Well, I'm headed to the left coast tomorrow, my second visit to California this year. This time, I'm headed to the central valley and northern California, places I have never been. I spent part of my first year of life in San Diego (where my dad was stationed in the Navy), and I have returned to southern California a couple of times for visits (most recently, in May, to Pepperdine), but I have never been north of Oxnard. So, I am about to cover some new territory . . . I'm excited. This development trip for Manuelito Navajo Children's Home will be taking me all the way to Seattle, Washington. I'll return to Gallup on November 7.

BUT, I am having to leave the land of Rosa's behind. I have spent the past three weeks in Texas (with the exception of a few days in Arkansas), and I have certainly had my share of fajitas from Rosa's. Perhaps I can make it until November, when I come this way again!