Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lessons Learned On the Road

I began Friday in Lubbock, Texas. I ended Saturday in Turlock, California . . . 1,340 miles later! I spent Sunday speaking to churches in Turlock (AM) and Stockton (East Main-PM). I head to the coast, beautiful Monterrey Peninsula on Tuesday. Pebble Beach! Too bad my clubs are in New Mexico.

In my travels this year for Manuelito Navajo Children's Home, I have learned some things.

  1. Motel rooms can be the loneliest places.
  2. This is a beautiful country, even that long stretch west of Clovis, New Mexico.
  3. Most people are genuinely friendly and good natured.
  4. I love wireless Internet (greatest invention since ESPN?).
  5. Driving west in the hour before sunset? Argh!
  6. The Charlie Daniels Band is becoming a favorite.
  7. Days Inn in Midland, Texas? Awful!
  8. Costas Now is the only program on HBO worth watching. I've seen Costas's joint interview with Willie Mays and Hank Aaron 8 times now. That is Must See TV!
  9. There's too many Obama signs, but I see Palin signs in some surprising places.
  10. McDonald's makes a great pit stop, especially since it is Monopoly time. BTW, have you noticed how sophisticated the remodeled McD's look? I'm impressed. Just wish they'd upgrade the food!
  11. The Cowboys really are America's Team. Even in central California. Blocked punt? Argh!!!
  12. Cracker Barrel, Chick Fil A, and Rosa's . . . in that order--breakfast, lunch, and supper. Throw in a Braum's nightcap, and you've got the perfect roadtrip day . . . foodwise! Unfortunately, California doesn't seem to have any of them.
  13. Rush never grows old! But, there are too many long stretches without Medved and Ramsey.
  14. I miss preaching for a small church . . . but, I love talking about MNCH.