Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Texas

Two weeks at home: it's time to hit the road again. Tomorrow, I'm off to Texas, with a stop in Carlsbad, New Mexico tomorrow night. This trip will be a mere 31 days and take me primarily to Lubbock and Dallas/Ft. Worth. As of today, I know I will be speaking to congregations in Dunn, Tex. on Nov. 30; Bowie, Tex. on Dec. 7; and Farmersville, Tex. on Dec. 14. I'm still working out some other visits.

The highlight of the trip, of course, is time spent with my daughters and mom and dad. Because of my need to be on the left coast last month, it has been a few weeks since I was able to travel to Texas to see my girls. Speaking regularly on the telephone is not an adequate substitute. I MISS THEM greatly. Separation from your children (and they from you) never grows easier. You know, divorce really is an act of the evil one. I pray and pray that others would realize this!