Friday, November 28, 2008

BCS Hopes

Texas vs. Oklahoma for the National Championship. That would be perfect. It can happen.

Oklahoma needs to take care of business tomorrow night and bury OSU.

Bobby Bowden and his Seminoles need to humble Florida tomorrow afternoon.

Florida needs to then beat Alabama in the SEC Championship next weekend.

OU/Texas (whichever) needs to dispatch Missouri in the Big 12 Championship.

Then . . . Texas and Oklahoma (ranked 1 and 2/2 and 1 in the BCS) are scheduled to meet in Miami in January. Think Red River Shootout times 100! This one would be for all the marbles.

And, sorry to all the disillusioned Tech fans here in Lubbock . . . you don't get second chances when you get beat by 44 points! Get over it!