Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the News

Did you know that an egg costs 35 billion dollars in Zimbabwe? Of course, their dollar is the least valued currency in the world (by far). One U. S. Dollar is worth 642,371,437,695,221,000 Zimbabwean dollars (that's 642 quadrillion to one!). And, we thought we were having money problems.


The feel good news story of the day . . .

Twenty-three year old Ulysses Milana of Maine just joined the Marines. To be eligible for enlistment, he had lost 140 pounds in 11 months. Now, that is a young man who is devoted to serving his country. I'm very proud that men like him have my back.


I resisted the Vista upgrade for a long time, but the Home presented me with a new office computer this week, and it has Vista. So far, I'm impressed (actually, relieved, is more like it . . . everything is working). I do especially like one feature: the stock photos (a sample shot of Monument Valley is above).