Sunday, November 23, 2008

Off the Bandwagon

65-21. Can't say I was surprised. I had rooted for the losing team . . . the first time I can ever remember rooting against the Oklahoma Sooners. But, as I stated a couple of weeks ago, I was overriding my support of O.U. to root for the hometeam Texas Tech Red Raiders (something I have also rarely down in life). I was caught up in the euphoric silliness that believed a Tech football team actually had a shot at the national championship. Last night, the silliness was buried in one big reality check.

Now that all is right with the world, and my senses have come back to me, I'm riding the Sooner train all the way to Miami. The Sooners will defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide for their 7th National Championship. Although, there may be some difficulty in telling the uniforms apart.