Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gingrich in 2012!!!

Well, the election is over, and the outcome is not what I had wanted. BUT, I pray that our nation can come together and support our new president. May he lead with wisdom and humility. I pray that he and our other leaders will seek God's council. I pray that our nation will be kept safe and prosper and honor God in our morality and concern for one another, especially for those who are less fortunate and in need.

Despite what has happened today, I know that our God reigns, and that He will effect His way despite the challenges that are put before Him.

I am now in Salt Lake City, Utah, my first visit to this beautiful place. I will be here until Thursday making visits for the Manuelito Navajo Children's Home. And, then, I make the final leg of my trip home. I am so ready to sleep in my own bed!!!

Here's a photo of the Idaho State Capitol in Boise. It is a replica of the U. S. Capitol, albeit a significantly smaller version. I have also attached some photos of the Columbia River east of Portland, Oregon and the countryside of southern Idaho. Yes, that is snow!