Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mac Davis Had It All Wrong

Lubbock. Home. It's that simple.

My official residence is Gallup, New Mexico, but Lubbock, Texas is and always will be home. This is where I was raised. This is where my parents (and many extended family) remain. So much of my identity and values find their roots here.

I'm back in Lubbock for the next 10 days. The visit is partly business, but mostly about family. I will continue on from here to spend two weeks in North Texas (all about business there) and then come back to Lubbock for a few days before returning to Gallup for Christmas WITH MY KIDS!

And, a trip to Lubbock is never complete without a pilgrimage to the mecca of semi-fast, casual-chic, Mexican dining . . . Rosa's Cafe. I was there at 11:25 this morning ready to indulge in beef fajitas and possibly the best guacamole and salsa around. Let's see: 10 days in Lubbock, 10 trips to Rosa's? It's possible, perhaps likely . . . better stock up on the Zantac, just in case!