Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008's $100 Million Movies

According to the USA Today, 24 theatrical releases grossed $100 million dollars at the box office. They are listed below, ranked in order of earnings. I have indicated which movies I have seen and included my critique in the form of a letter grade. Which of these films have you seen? What are your critiques?

  1. The Dark Night ($530.9 mil). I gave it an "A" and have already bought the DVD.
  2. Iron Man ($318.3). Another "A", and I have the DVD.
  3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($317). A solid "B", but only a weak 3 out of 4 for the series. The DVD is sitting on the shelf at home.
  4. Hancock ($227.9). A solid "D."
  5. WALL-E ($223.8). An A+, and I don't usually go for the "cartoons" (unless it's Bugs Bunny and gang). Of course, I had to get the DVD for my girls.
  6. Kung Fu Panda ($215.4). Haven't seen it.
  7. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ($174.9). Haven't seen it; slept through the original.
  8. Twilight ($167.3). Will NOT see it; can't figure out the fascination with the undead.
  9. Quantum of Solace ($164.3). A "C-." It made me long for the days of George Lazenby . . . and that's sad.
  10. Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who! ($154.5). Haven't seen it, but I think Suess belongs in a book not film.
  11. Sex and the City ($152.6). Don't care to see it, but I'm blessed with a "Y" chromosome!
  12. Mamma Mia! ($143.8). Will NOT see it. See note on #11.
  13. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ($141.6). A weak "B", and I purchased the DVD. I just wish Peter Jackson had decided to tackle C. S. Lewis as well as his friend Tolkien.
  14. The Incredible Hulk ($134.5). A "C-". For me, the Hulk will always be a Friday night at 7 p.m. thing.
  15. Wanted ($134.3). Haven't seen it.
  16. Get Smart ($130.3). A surprising "B". I thought I was wasting my money when I bought the ticket, but it made for a good evening.
  17. Four Christmases ($111.6). A "C-". Had a few good laughs, but belongs nowhere near the Pantheon: A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause.
  18. Tropic Thunder ($110.5). Haven't seen it, but will probably rent it. I'm sure I will need to employ the V-chip.
  19. Bolt ($102.4). A solid "B". Another animation win. I'm sure the DVD will get added to the collection.
  20. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ($102.3). Haven't seen it. I saw the original and liked it, but these never-ending sequel series get a little tiring.
  21. Journey to the Center of the Earth ($101.7). haven't seen it, but would like to.
  22. Eagle Eye ($101.1). A "B-". Decent story, but the trailer has all the good scenes.
  23. Step Brothers ($100.5). An "F". Before I bought the ticket, I told myself that it was just junk, but I went any way . . . and was miserable.
  24. You Don't Mess with the Zohan ($100.0). An "F". Ditto the remark on #23 . . . amplified.