Monday, December 1, 2008

Lunch Break

One guess as to where I ate lunch today. The lone star is a hint.

I have been to this majestic building several times in my life, but I leave impressed after each visit. It is a beautiful place. I love to walk the halls and view the artwork and historic notices. Today's visit had to be rather quick . . . just long enough for a quick stroll, a few pictures, and a bite to eat.

You know, I am a New Mexican by necessity of my employment . . . but I am a Texan by birth and heart. I have a shirt that I wear often that says it all . . . Texas is a state of mind.

Audie Murphy . . . now that was a great American. For the uninformed, he was the most decorated American soldier in World War II . . . and a Texan. The portrait hangs in the House Chamber of the Texas Capitol.