Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Impatience Hurts

My grandfather would often sing a little song that I wish more people would take to heart.

Have patience, have patience,
Don't be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient,
You only start to worry.
Remember, remember,
That God is patient, too;
And think of all the times
When others had to wait on you!

These words are just the chorus, but you get the point. Patience is a virtue. It is, according the apostle Paul, a fruit of the Spirit (the product of a faithful and Christ-centered life). And, it is so counter to what we often see in the world (and, sadly, too sparingly seen in people of faith . . . and, I'm raising my hand in self-analysis).

Today, I spent a lot of time on the highways and byways of Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in America. Without some patience, such an adventure would drive you crazy . . . and maybe off an overpass!

Tonight, some unfortunate driver became impatient and paid the price . . . a price that was exacted in some measure from countless hundreds and thousands of other motorists.

You see, this driver (unknown to me), cut somebody off, an action that led to a chain of accidents and a few crashed cars. Then, traffic became backed up . . . for miles and miles and miles. I first encountered the traffic at a standstill 15 miles! from the scene of the accident. It took me and the other cars around me 1 hour to drive those 15 miles! Argh!!!

Impatience hurts. And, often the innocent!

Tragically, the point was proven beyond a doubt this past Friday in Long Island, New York. You've undoubtedly heard the sad news of the Walmart employee being trampled to death by hundreds of impatient and greedy shoppers. All because they wanted to be the first to get a discounted big screen HD TV.

Impatience is all about self. It is not concerned about the welfare of others.

Let us learn to put others first . . . and to slow down a bit!

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So said...

i agree impatience is a disregard for others and is often unfair.