Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

I watched Frost/Nixon on Saturday. What a great movie. It was made by a liberal film maker (Ron Howard), but I though the portrayal of Nixon was reasonable and fair. Like a lot of Americans who prefer the Republican-stream of politics, I am conflicted about Nixon. In many respects, he was a good president, but I recognize the serious short-comings in his character and recognize that as-a-whole his presidency was regrettable.


I have a lot of respect for John Walsh and his family. I am glad that they have received some closure as the kidnapper and killer of their son, Adam, has finally been determined. Read the story here.


Ben Witherington is a must-read for me, whether it be his published works or his blog. Today, he offers up another interesting blog post; read it here.


The Greatest Game Ever Played. ESPN's "representation" of the 1958 NFL Championship game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants is must see TV. I watched it Saturday night when it first aired, and caught about half of the reply tonight.

The program ends with this incredible stat: In 1958, the NFL had 12 franchises, whose individual value amounted to less than $1 million per team. In 2008, the NFL has 32 franchises, whose individual value exceeds $1 billion per team (including the Dallas Cowboys, whose value is estimated at close to $2 billion dollars . . . of course, a billion dollar partially-public financed stadium doesn't hurt the bottom line).


I'm sad. Next Tuesday is Brit Hume's last day as anchor of FOX News Special Report. He will be missed. He is, in my sometimes humble opnion, the best in the business.

His explanation for his "retirement" says a lot about his character. He's leavng to spend more time devoted to 1-God, 2-his granddaughters, and 3-golf. Can you imagine an anchor of CNN or MSNBC (or one of the Jurassic 3) saying that?

Brit, you wll be missed!