Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today's Sights & Sounds

The road took me from Houston to Fort Worth today. The scenery was beautiful. Some random experiences and thoughts . . .

Mannheim Steamroller is still the king of Christmas music in my CD player, but Amy Grant, Randy Travis and Trans-Siberian Orchestra are worthy princes and princesses.

I ate lunch in Aggieland. Now, I am neither an Aggie, nor the son of an Aggie, but I was impressed with the campus of Texas A & M University. It was only my second visit there; I was 13 year old the first time.

I only had time to walk around the outside of the George Bush Presidential Library, but that alone left me impressed. One of these days, I will be back to walk through the inside. I've been to four Presidential Libraries this year: those of Ronald Reagan (awesome! . . . with Air Force One indoors), Lyndon Johnson (not a fan, but a great library), and Bill Clinton (looks like an over sized mobile home on stilts . . . his is certainly outclassed by the others!).
My brief visit to the Bush Library included seeing the statue pictured below. It is of a herd of wild (and free!) horses trampling over the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Powerful imagery. Reagan's Library also has a section of the Berlin Wall. I guess Clinton's only memorial is the stained blue dress. (Forgive me, but I couldn't refrain.)
Ahhh, Braum's! I stopped in at the one in Hillsboro. Double-scoop waffle cone: chocolate chip and peanut butter cup . . . hit the spot. And, I've got the physique to prove it!!!

I must say, my week in Houston was enjoyable. The weather was perfect . . . and you can't say that about Houston very often. I visited there in June (100 degrees; 98% humidity); I returned in December (mid 50s to 80s; sight rain on one day). And, except for one long drive, the traffic wasn't too bad.

Anticipating another Big 12 Championship for Oklahoma. Go, Sooners!

I MISS MY GIRLS and home! 12 more days to go.