Sunday, December 14, 2008

37th Presentation

In between dosages of cold and flue medicine, I spoke to my 37th congregation of the year on behalf of Manuelito Navajo Children's Home. I've made a couple hundred visits to other churches on weekdays and worshipped with many others, as well. I've also attended 11 seminars and lectureships with our MNCH display. But, thirty-seven times I've been given the pleasure and blessing of speaking to assembled churches about the work we are doing in Gallup to serve children and families in need, work in which so many churches and individuals are partnered with us.

I miss preaching for a local congregation immensely. That form of ministry was so much of my life for a long period of time. But, I have grown to love what I am now doing and have a great passion for sharing the news about MNCH and the great need that is among the Navajo people. And, after the great trial I went through last year, the Manuelito family has been a life-saver to me personally.

My travels for the year are winding down. I will spend a couple more days in Arlington (mainly to get over this crud), and then on to Lubbock for a couple of days, and back in Gallup for the weekend. Since January, I've travelled in excess of 70,000 miles and journeyed through 14 states. I've met so many good people, reconnected with a lot of dear friends, spent quality time with most of my family . . . it's been a good year, no, a great year! God is so good!!!

I'm looking forward to a wonderful holiday season and the beginning of another year of promise. My prayer is that you and yours are equally blessed . . . and more so!

The photo is another of my favorite pictures taken during the year. It is of my girls at Cloudcroft, New Mexico in March.
Okay, it's time for another round of Tylenol!