Monday, December 14, 2009

Top Sports Stories of the Decade - 2000s

Here's my list of the top sports stories of the decade that is quickly drawing to a close. I would like to see your lists, too!

  1. The rise and fall of Tiger Woods
  2. Boston Red Sox win 2 World Series
  3. Steroids and Major League Baseball
  4. The dominance of Lance Armstrong & Michael Phelps in their respective sports
  5. The paltry records of the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49er's, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins & Oakland Raiders
  6. The vast improvement of foreign basketball players and teams
  7. The construction of mega stadiums and sports complexes, especially JerryWorld (a.k.a., Cowboys Stadium)
  8. The growth of NASCAR (even though it seems to be declining a bit)
  9. The success of the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers & Indianapolis Colts
  10. Labor peace in the NFL & MLB