Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arches National Park - Utah

I visited a fascinating place today: Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah. Scroll through the photos to get a small representation of the great beauty of this place. I only had time to drive through the Park and was not able to get very far off the pavement. I would love to come back and spend several days hiking the trails that run all through the Park.

I discovered that many of the arches that are so familiar from photos and artwork (and Hollywood movies!) require some walking to see up close. I was able to see from a distance the Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade arch. Perhaps you remember it from early in the movie when young Indy recovers Coronado's cross from the bad guys. The arch is to the left (and of the frame) in the third photo below. The picture I took of the arch did not come out very well, so I did not post it.

If you have not visited Arches National Park, make plans to go. Utah is home to two of my favorite National Parks: Arches and Zion National Park (which I visited last summer and believe has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen). The town of Moab is a neat place, as well. I will be back. My drive today was rushed because I was making stops at congregations and trying to make it to Grand Junction for a couple of appointments.
The first photo in this posting (above) is not from Arches National Park, but it is a rock formation south of Moab, along the Highway 191 from Monticello, Utah. The photo does not do justice for the actual size of the thing.

The top and bottom pictures are of the formation called the "Three Gossips." I found it absolutely fascinating, especially looking at it from different angles (the photos posted here show two different angles).